Farquhar McCrae & The Burning of Troy:

Farquhar McCrae & The Burning of Troy: The Search for a Lost Masterpiece & the Appreciation of the Fine Arts in Colonial Australia For nearly 180 years, between the early nineteenth and early twenty-first century, many art historians believed that Federico Barocci’s 1589 masterpiece variously titled Aeneas and his family fleeing Troy or simply The … Continue reading Farquhar McCrae & The Burning of Troy:

Ballarat’s Betsy Buckley: “victim of circumstance” or “habitual criminal”?

ABSTRACT The transportation of convicts to Australia between 1788 and the mid-1800s arouses mixed responses from those who seek the origins of Australian society and culture. The worst aspects of Australian character have readily been blamed upon convict ancestors, while the best aspects of that character might be seen as evidence of triumph over adversity, … Continue reading Ballarat’s Betsy Buckley: “victim of circumstance” or “habitual criminal”?

Parramatta Female Factory Biographies

Parramatta, New South Wales  by Lycett, Joseph, c. 1775-1828 Published by J. Souter, Sep.1, 1824 (National Library of Australia) Biographies of female convicts  who spent some time at the Parramatta Female Factory previously prepared for the Parramatta Female Factory Online have been relocated to this page. Additional biographies also include female convicts who worked in … Continue reading Parramatta Female Factory Biographies