Parramatta Female Factory Biographies


Parramatta, New South Wales  by Lycett, Joseph, c. 1775-1828 Published by J. Souter, Sep.1, 1824 (National Library of Australia)

Biographies of female convicts  who spent some time at the Parramatta Female Factory previously prepared for the Parramatta Female Factory Online have been relocated to this page. Additional biographies also include female convicts who worked in the Parramatta district during the first half of the nineteenth century.

The biographies may be downloaded here as they become available:

Catherine Smith of Bengal

Sarah Payne: A Portuguese Weaver

Madame Caroline Dalmas: Governess

Ellen Pollard of Calcutta

Eugenie Lemaire of Bordeaux

No part of these essays may be reproduced in any media without appropriate acknowledgement of the author. Reproduction of more than ten percent of any one essay requires written permission of the author.

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