The Journal of Madame Callegari – 2nd Edition

The second (2022) edition of the Journal of Madame Callegari contains new details of Marie Callegari’s life that have come to light since publication of the first edition in 2015. These include details of her arrest by Belgian authorities in 1840 before she fled to London, and details of her search for her daughter when … Continue reading The Journal of Madame Callegari – 2nd Edition

Farquhar McCrae & The Burning of Troy:

Farquhar McCrae & The Burning of Troy: The Search for a Lost Masterpiece & the Appreciation of the Fine Arts in Colonial Australia For nearly 180 years, between the early nineteenth and early twenty-first century, many art historians believed that Federico Barocci’s 1589 masterpiece variously titled Aeneas and his family fleeing Troy or simply The … Continue reading Farquhar McCrae & The Burning of Troy:

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water – Gold!

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water — Gold: Bushfires and the Origins of the Victorian Gold Rush Douglas Wilkie Originally published in History Australia, vol.10, no.2, August 2013 Abstract Many historians have noticed the coincidence of the 1851 Black Thursday fires in the Port Phillip District of New South Wales (Victoria) with the beginning of the Victorian … Continue reading Earth, Wind, Fire, Water – Gold!